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What Does a Mascot Company Do During Covid-19? We make Masks!

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These are trying times for the world and our little corner of it is no exception. The entertainment industry has taking a huge hit. Since 1977 we've face a lot of crazy times, but this is the hardest. With that said, we are hopeful that as we come out of this pandemic to get back to making people happy and doing what we love. 

Face MasksIn the meantime, we are a scrappy bunch at Alinco. So in addition to still making the world's best hand-crafted mascots, we are also making face masks to help with the CDC's recommendation on wearing a cloth mask in public.We are also doing it to keep busy during these times, so that we can be here when we come out the other side.So, please take a look at our masks. They are fun, reusable, and have that Alinco flare! Alinco Face Masks

We did let Terry write the first product description, which called for social disdain, not social distancing.But to be fair, he was left unsupervised. 

Keep your family and friends safe, social distance, and we look forward to all getting through this. 

The Allen Family thank you for your continued support. 


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