Power Cat Cougar Mascot Costume

This Cougar costume is part of our Power Cat line, designed to be performance oriented with a muscular prowess! Intimidation is his middle name, and he easily overpowers any other school mascot! Watch as he DOMINATES the competition! Made with...

Regular price $1,895.00

Hawk Mascot Costume

Regular price $1,395.00

Grizzly Bear Flexible Mascot Costume


Regular price $1,545.00

Chase Dog Mascot Costume

Are you looking for a loyal and friendly dog mascot costume? Then this is the one for you! CHASE is sure to attract some attention! Constructed with our finest fabrics, he's sure to withstand any activity! Made in the USA....

Regular price $1,945.00

Stag Mascot Costume

Whether you looking for a mascot costume for your business ventures, your school/University, or a special event, this is the one for you! This Stag will CHARGE at the competition! Constructed with our finest materials, he'll withstand any rigorous activity!...

Regular price $1,595.00

Bloodhound Mascot Costume

This canine has a nose to SNIFF OUT the competition! If you need a mascot costume to entertain children or even adults, he is your SLEUTH! Any goal is obtainable with this handsome fellow! Whether he is brown, red, or...

Regular price $1,495.00


This PIGGIE is anything but a BORE! If you're in need of a mascot costume for your school, an amusement park, or a special event, then he's your guy! This P.I.G. (pretty intelligent guy) is guaranteed to wow any crowd!...

Regular price $1,395.00

New Wolf Mascot Costume

Be the head of your PACK with this NEW WOLF mascot costume! With his insatiable knack for being SLY, he looks quite innocent! If you're looking for a mascot for your school/University or maybe even a library, her's the obvious...

Regular price $1,445.00

"Pepper" Wild Stallion Mascot Costume

PEPPER THE WILD STALLION is ready to GALLOP your team to victory! Whether you need him for your school/University, a business fundraiser, or any special event...he's sure to amaze! Made with our finest materials, he'll withstand any vigorous activity! Made...

Regular price $1,495.00

Pro-line Badger Mascot Costume

Need a very ACTIVE mascot for your sports team? Then this BADGER is for you! Our PRO-LINE models are made from our finest fabrics! He'll withstand jumping, running, and even flipping through the air! When you dress him in your...

Regular price $2,295.00

Froggles Frog Mascot Costume

Some say that a frog is a symbol of luck...well, we agree! FROGGLES is an awesome addition to any business, school, or library! He'll HOP into the hearts of everyone! Constructed with the finest materials, he'll withstand any activity! If...

Regular price $1,945.00

Moose Mascot Costume

This PRIDEFUL animal will give your school/University something to brag about! His immense antlers DEMAND attention and yet he's incredibly charming! This Moose is guaranteed to please any crowd! Constructed with fine materials, he can withstand any rigorous activity! Order...

Regular price $1,545.00

Panther Mascot Costume

Regular price $1,245.00

Rocky Ram Mascot Costume

ROCKY THE RAM is ready to HOOF it up at your next home game! Rocky is confident, proud, and a super friendly! His large curling horns are made from durable yet flexible foam! Rocky's big eyes and smile has proven...

Regular price $1,495.00

Ram Mascot Costume

This Ram is a friendly and determined mascot with large curling horns made out of durable yet flexible foam! This mascot's construction accentuates the height of the performer and is easy to see on the field or in the gymnasium!...

Regular price $1,545.00

Big Cat Leopard Mascot Costume

Big Cat Leopard Mascot Costume will PROWL onto the field and strike fear into the hearts of your opponent! This mascot costume is a great way to represent any college, school, theme park or corporation! Made with our finest materials,...

Regular price $1,445.00

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