Zulz Travel Bags/Packs/Duffels

ZULZ was formed out of competitiveness, A LOT of stubbornness and major sacrifices. Always known for little patience, it’s only fitting I attempt something that takes nothing but patience. The type that if you tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do something, more than likely I will ask you to hold my beer and tell you to watch (unless it’s a real tasty one then you’re gonna have to wait a minute).  What happens next may not be the prettiest or the smoothest but I guarantee you there will be effort, grunts, laughs, probably some fire at some point and most definitely some pain but at the end of the day there will be a story...and I dig a good story. Having worked for a once popular luggage company for many years, some of the best stories I have stem from luggage in some capacity (some of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about) and bottom line is, I’d like to continue building upon those stories.

Whether you’re an individual looking for innovative functionality with a slight OCD attention to detail that incorporates top of the line material and zippers all wrapped up in simple, sleek and stylish designs or a corporation or team looking to present your brand on quality product that represents your values we’ve got you covered. Our doors are open to anyone and everyone and we are here to help Pack Your Passion.

Yes, it’s a steep slope to climb but I’ve got a sh!t ton of doubters to prove wrong and a family to make proud so it’s full throttle ahead.

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