We get a lot of complaints from customers about knock-off imitation Alinco costumes. These sites show our pictures saying they can make it at an unbelievable price. Is it too good to be true? What could go wrong? We purchased one of these know offs and this is what happened! Beware of sites like these! 


What should you watch out for? UNRELIABLE SELLERS!

1. The price is too good to be true

2. Are they selling copyrighted characters? 

3. Packaging is too small

4. Costume shape is effected by packaging 

5. DUCTAPE????

6. What are these teeth made of...felt?

7. Quality of fur is very cheap/low quality materials

8. Poor head fit/security...that's gonna fall off

9. No screen or face protection/ventilation 

10. Costume arrives with DAMAGE?? No way...

11. Uncomfortable design

12. Inconsistent material/not durable

13. Poor fit comes from speed over quality....

14. BAD SMELL...ew

15. No copyright license, long term ISSUES!

16. Costume doesn't match pictures

17. NO VISION! Going in blind

18. Wont wash well


We want you to have the best experience when purchasing your Mascot. Don't open yourself up to copyright infringement liability, or even worse, potential safety issues from poor quality materials and lack of vision. If these companies are willing to rip Alinco off, they are willing to do it to you as well!

We love our mascot community and it shows in our craftsmanship. Thanks for your support.

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